School Meals Menu


Week 1 Monday
"Planet Earth Day"
"Street Food Day"
"Traditional Day"
"World Food Day"
Main Homemade Macaron Cheese Homemade Beef and Blackbean Stir Fry with Egg Noodles Roast Leg of Lamb with Yorkshire Pudding, Gravy and Mint Sauce Mexican Fajita Chicken with Soft Brown Rice Sticky BBQ Chicken
Vegetarian Piri Pir Veggie Meatballs in Pitta with Salad Falafel Burger with Mango Chutney & Herby Diced Potatoes Homemade Cheese. Tomato and Red Onion Tart 3 Bean Mexican Chilli Wrap with a Homemade Tomato and Veg Sauce Bubble Fish Bites or Baked Jacket Potato with choice of filling
Sides/Vegetables Sweetcorn & Garden Peas Broccoli and Carrots Roast Potatoes, Fresh Cabbage and Cauliflower Florets Tortilla Chips, Roasted Vegetables and Sweetcorn Potatoe Crispers, Peas and Baked Beans
Salads Fresh Seasonal Salads Seasonal Salads and Fresh Cruides (Carrot /Cucumber and Celery) Chef's House Salad Seasonal Salads and Fresh Tomato Salsa Seasonal Salads & Homemade Coleslaw
Daily Options Bread/Fresh Fuit Platter/Organic Yoguts/British Cheese and Crackers