The Federation of St John’s and St Paul’s (Whitechapel) Schools Governing Body

The school is governed by a body of 14 governors, some of whom are elected and others appointed. The Governing Body has a significant role in making strategic decisions, particularly on finance, and in holding the school to account through its challenge to the Executive Headteacher. The governing body usually meets four times a year. Its members at the start of the current school year are:


Nicola Thomas Foundation - London Diocesan Board For Schools
Robin Precey Chair of Federation
Rev Alan Green Foundation
Mr Giles Smith Foundation - London Diocesan Board For Schools
Rev Richard Springer Foundation
Ms Rowena Dooley Foundation
Mr Mark Campbell Deanery Governor
Mr Anthony Cameron LA Governor
Mr Mahmud Ahmed Parent Governor
Senait Yetbarek Parent Governor 
Nathaniel Darling Foundation - PCC
Bal Jhetta Staff Governor
Tina Grudy Co-Opted Staff Governor


The Heads of School of both St John’s and of St Paul’s also attend meetings of the governing body and committees.


Former governors

The following were governors or associate members in the previous school year but are no longer governors or associate members:

Former Governors
Ellie Wall       Kathy Richards


Committees and working groups

The governing body has the following committees and working groups:

Finance, Personnel & Premises
Giles Smith (Chair) Darren Rubin Robin Precey
Nicholas Thomas Nathaniel Darling Anthony Cameron
Advised by Robert Ashdown (Bursar)


Pupil & Curriculum
Fr Richard Springer (Chair) Darren Rubin Robin Precey
Lutfa Khanom Fr Alan Green  


Admissions St John’s
Fr Alan Green (Chair) Darren Rubin
  Rowena Dooley


Admissions St Paul’s
Fr Richard Springer (Chair) Darren Rubin
  Rowena Dooley


Appeals, Discipline, Complaints etc.
To be drawn from a pool of any eligible governors.


Performance Management
Robin Precey Nicola Thomas


The Federation Governing Body Responsibilities

The governors are responsible for the schools and all that happens in them. They entrust the day to day running of the school to the Executive Headteacher, the two Heads of School and to the staff team.

The Governors are responsible for:

  • the maintenance of the building,
  • the school finances, they decide how the school budget is spent,
  • how the school is run,
  • the delivery of the National Curriculum,
  • the standard of behaviour in the school,
  • interviewing and selecting staff.

The Governing Body has legal duties, powers and responsibilities which it must carry out. Governors may only act and make decisions as a body and not as individuals.

Much of the work of the Governing Body is undertaken by committees with specific areas of responsibility, these will be established to meet the needs of both schools and may include:

  • pupil and curriculum
  • admissions
  • finance, personnel and premises

Any correspondence to a governor should be addressed c/o the School and will be passed on.

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