School Council

School Council is a very important way of keeping touch with the opinions of the most important people in the school...the children.

St John’s School Council, is formed of a girl and a boy from Reception Class to Year Six. At the beginning of each academic year, the prospective candidates make presentations to their class, then the Head Boy and Head Girl are chosen by a democratic vote. The School Council meets regularly to discuss various issues and concerns which arise and then give feedback to their class. These children are the voice of the pupils, and they have often represented their peers in a range of situations, from discussions with the Headteacher, to meeting Inspectors, discussing menus with the School Chef, to producing a document for prospective parents.

St John’s School Council 2019-20

Y1: Elijah and Emma

Y2: Jessica and Teddy

Y3: Jaiden and Sharon

Y4:​ Jaya and Ronnie

Y5:Hannah and Joseph
Y6: Synicia and James​

The School Council members have various responsibilities such as:

  1. Daily distribution and collection of play equipment at playtimes;
  2. Being a 'Playground Buddy' or friend to those who need it;
  3. Submitting individual sticker count charts each Friday
  4. Keeping a daily log of collective worship in St John's 

With fortnightly meetings and an agenda set by the children, School Council provides the best insight into how things are going through the eyes of the those at classroom level

St Paul’s School Visit

Some members of our School Council went to St. Paul's primary school where they were given a tour of the school and they thought about the similarities and differences between their school and ours. One difference is that they look after noisy chickens at St. Paul's! They watched a super all-singing and all-dancing class assembly and played football with their new friends. This was a lovely opportunity for the children from both schools to come together and learn from each other. The children were excellently behaved and represented St. John's school wonderfully.

Ian Graham Visit
On Friday 17th March, the School Council children from St. John's and St. Paul's went to visit Ian Graham, our Chair of Governors at his Trowers and Hamlin offices. We found out all about him, his job as a lawyer and his role as Chair of Governors. It was interesting and inspiring. The children from both schools enjoyed meeting and getting to know each other too. The children were very well behaved. They surely are an asset to our school.