St John's is a very musical school and the children enjoy excellent opportunities for music in all its forms. Each key stage offers the opportunity for pupils to develop a love for music through exciting, engaging sessions with specialist tutors from THAMES, the music provider from the borough.

In Key Stage One, children develop a love for music and gain an interest in instruments through weekly African Drumming sessions in Year One, and Unturned Percussion sessions in Year 2. In Years 3 children develop a knowledge of music notation through Recorder sessions, and this is enhanced further in Years 4. Children in these year group enjoy the opportunity to perform musical pieces in front of their peers and the school community twice a year. We offer small group tuition for specialist Flute and Clarinet in Years 5 and 6, and there is a weekly Gifted and Talented Clarinet after school club.

In order to supplement our instrument tuition, all the children participate in a vibrant singing assembly each week, where they sing from a wide repertoire of songs, from modern Gary Barlow to rowdy East End Chants to reflective hymns. Without a doubt, Singing Assembly is one of the highlights of the weeks for many of the children, and visitors often remark on how enthusiastic and beautifully the children all sing.

St John's School also has a talented choir, featuring girls and even boys from Key Stage Two. The choir meet weekly during the lunch hour, and sing a variety of popular and modern pieces, in two and three-part harmonies. Please click on the link below to hear a sample of the choir in action! This amazing group of singers perform confidently at all our school church services, and represent the school at sundry functions within the community.  As well as our talented choir, some of our children  in Key Stage Two attend the Globetown Voices sessions at Morpeth Secondary School, which is attended by other local primary schools and culminates in a termly concert.

Our school aims to provide as many opportunities to enhance the music experience and harness the love of music, which is clearly evident in many of the children. As a result, Year 5 regularly link with the Tower Voices Group and engage in  their singing workshops. Additionally, the children regularly engage in musical projects associated with Wilton's Music Hall and the Concordia Trust. Last year, we are extremely fortunate to engage in a number of organ workshops with one of the organists at Paul's Cathedral, which culminated in a live performance beneath the dome! We are keen to develop more musical links with St Paul's Cathedral, so watch this space to learn more!