Early years Staff

Early year’s coordinator/Nursery teacher:  Mrs Ester Truter

Reception teacher: Mrs Brownbill

Support staff: Mrs Stevens, Ms Gulnur, Miss Amina, Miss Zara

PPA cover: Miss Studman

“Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential” (Early Years Foundation Stage 2014)

At St John’s C of E Primary School we recognise for most children, starting school in the early years will be their first experience of life away from their family.  We feel it is important for parents and staff to work together to make sure that this transition from home to school life is as easy as possible for everyone concerned, but especially for the child.  A home visit is made before every child starts.

St John’s C of E Primary School follows the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. The curriculum is divided up into 2 main areas, the prime areas and the specific areas.


Our activities, based on the curriculum, are carefully planned to motivate children, develop skills and increase self confidence in order for them to develop as learners in all areas, to levels which are determined by the Government’s Early Learning Goals.

Children will learn, with help from adults, how to be a successful member of a larger social group; how to make friends with other children; how to share and play co-operatively; how to care for themselves; how to show respect and care for other people and their environment.

At the heart of the Early Years is the Unique Child.  We use the Leuven scales to assess each child’s well being and involvement. This tool has been developed by a team based at the Research Centre for Experiential Education (Leuven University – Belgium) under the supervision of Dr. Ferre Laevers. The tool focuses on two central indicators of quality early year’s provision: children’s ‘well-being’ and ‘involvement’. Well-being refers to feeling at ease, being spontaneous and free of emotional tensions and is crucial to good ‘mental health’. Well-being is linked to self confidence, a good degree of self-esteem and resilience. Involvement refers to being intensely engaged in activities and is considered to be a necessary condition for deep level learning and development.

Children’s achievements are monitored in all areas.  We recognise that children do not just learn when they are at school and we believe therefore that parents have a significant part to play in this process.  Please look out for our Parents workshops which will enable you to support your child’s learning at home. 

Nursery curriculum overview

Nursery Curriculum Overview Term 12 Autumn 2017.pdf

Nursery welcome leaflet

Nursery welcome leaflet Sep 17.pdf

Reception curriculum overview

Reception Curriculum Overview Term 12 Autumn 2017.pdf

Reception Welcome book

Reception welcome book Sep 17.pdf

EY uniform

EY Uniform flyer Sep 17.pdf


Tapestry Learning Journal


All children attending St John’s C of E Primary School Early Years have a personal online Learning Journey which records photos, observations and comments in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. This enables us to build up a record of each child’s learning and achievements during their time with us.


We use the Tapestry system, which is hosted on secure, dedicated servers based in the UK. You will have password protected access to your child’s online Learning Journey and we encourage you to contribute to it by uploading photos, videos and comments of their learning development and experiences at home. You are also able to comment on observations made by St John’s  staff.




Tapestry Policy: